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Goldealers is proud to offer amongst the best price for gold in the UK, possibly Europe, for your unwanted gold jewellery. We will never process payment without having first confirmed that you are happy with the offer. Once confirmed, payment is made and you are guaranteed to be able to withdraw funds within 24 hours.

Sell gold online with no risk, no fuss, no gimmicks, no celebrity endorsements, no annoying jingles, no gold packs, no fictitious prices and no hidden fees or charges. The price you see is the price we pay for scrap gold and our terms and conditions of sale are written clearly so that you may understand them.

Our online calculators are updated daily in-line with the precious metals markets, meaning that our website quotations are always correct.

Why You Can Trust Goldealers

Goldealers requests that all customers leave their reviews with a third party. This means that the independent reviews you see for Goldealers are amongst the most trusted on the net.

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Goldealers Ltd is a British Jewellers Association (BJA) Gold Standard registered retailer. This standard is a joint initiative and accredited by the following bodies.

Goldealers is a Gold Standard Registered Retailer

Best Price for Gold Coins

Simply choose the country in the drop-down menu to be presented with common coins, bullion value and the price we pay for any given coin.

Bullion Coin Prices
GBP per coin
Market Value We Buy
Sovereign – Five Pounds 857.25 814.39
Britannia – 1oz 728.91 692.47
Britannia – 1/2oz 364.41 338.91
Sovereign – Two Pounds 343.02 319.01
Britannia – 1/4oz 182.23 169.47
Sovereign – Full 171.43 159.43
Sovereign – Half 85.71 79.71
Britannia – 1/10oz 72.88 67.78
Silver Britannia – 1oz 9.23 7.66
Sell Coins
London Bullion Fixes
AM PM Updated
Gold 728.911 725.869 28 Aug @ 8:58
Silver   9.230 28 Aug @ 8:59
Platinum 638.240 642.000 28 Aug @ 8:59
Palladium 351.000 335.500 28 Aug @ 9:00

Postal or Counter Service

The majority of our customers prefer to sell gold online and post their jewellery to us. We also offer a counter service for those of you who wish to sell your gold over the counter. Unlike our competitors, we offer the same price to postal and counter service customers.