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A Crucible is a ceramic, graphite or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures. A Platinum Crucible is a dish made (usually of pure platinum). Due to the special properties of the Platinum Metal, this enables the platinum crucible to be used for high temperature chemical reactions.

Because the melting point of Platinum is 1768 Degrees C, the Platinum Crucible can be heated to extremely high temperatures without having to worry about the crucible melting.

Types of Platinum Crucible

Typically, most Pt Crucibles are made of an extremely high grade of 99.95% platinum. Quite often however, the crucibles are made from an alloy of Platinum and Iridium (Pt/Ir) or even Platinum and Gold (Pt/Au).

The Platinum Alloy used to manufacture the crucible is usually dependent on the specific properties required for any specific application. Iridium Crucibles would be used for single crystal growing and should only be used under inert conditions, whereas a pure platinum crucible could be used for testing of pharmaceuticals and can be used in oxidising conditions.

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Platinum Iridium Crucibles with Lids

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Using the latest in refining technologies, and with access the the world’s largest PGM refinery, Goldealers are the ideal place to sell your used, damaged or unwanted Platinum Crucibles.

Feel free to send a representative sample to us for analysis in the Laboratories, and we are more than happy to process your sample and provide a fair and accurate valuation.

Whether you are looking to sell a single 20g pure platinum crucible, or if you have a job lot of several kilos of unwanted platinum labware, Goldealers can help.

Please call us on 01206 585 000 for free no-obligation advice into the best way of processing your Platinum Crucibles.

Simply use our online Platinum Calculator to get an instant valuation for your Platinum Lab Ware.

GBP per gram We Pay
Thermocouple Type B – 70% Pt, 30% Rh £14.49
Pt – 850 £17.60
Thermocouple Type R – 87% Pt, 13% Rh £18.01
Pt – 900 £18.63
Thermocouple Type S – 90% Pt, 10% Rh £18.63
Platinum / Iridium Wire – 90/10 £18.63
Thermocouple Type B – 94% Pt, 6% Rh £19.46
Jewellery Pt – 950 £19.67
Platinum / Iridium Wire – 95/5 £19.67
Pure Pt – 999 £20.25

Platinum prices updated: 15 Jul