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Use the Goldealers Scrap Gold Calculator to gain an instant and accurate valuation of your Scrap Gold.

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Goldealers Scrap Gold Calculator

Trust the Goldealers Scrap Gold Calculator

Gold Prices change every second, and we change the prices every day in-line with the London Bullion Markets.

Prices are fixed for 24 hours once you have agreed the valuation which means that unlike most of our competitors, the price you are quoted by our Scrap Gold Calculator is one of the most accurate in the UK.

Quite simply, the price you see, is the price we pay.

Our Valuation

Upon receiving your jewellery, we will professionally appraise your scrap gold. We will telephone you to confirm the price, and only when you confirm that you are happy for us to proceed will we issue payment.

Fast Payments

We guarantee payments within 24 hours of you confirming that you are happy with our valuation. Typically, for postal customers, you will receive payment in full by 11am on the day of receipt of your scrap gold.

I’ve changed my mind!

Let us know before we send payment to you and we will be happy to return your scrap gold to you free of charge.