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What is Scrap Gold?

Scrap Gold is a term used to describe the recycling of unwanted or broken jewellery, coins and other precious metals.

The Scrap Gold industry is booming, and this has been driven by recent surge in the price of gold, given the current economic climate. By selling unwanted scrap gold, you can liquidate this jewellery into cash meaning that you can make funds available for other things.

Selling scrap gold can be a great source of income to assist with bills, mortgage payments, or even be a large contribution to a deposit for your first home, or that dream car which you always wanted.

Sell scrap gold online to Goldealers today and get the very best price for your gold along with an honest, reliable service.

Who are Goldealers

Goldealers offer a scrap gold buying service to both the public and trade. We are a Full member of the British Jewellers Association, and also subscribe to a scheme known as the Gold Standard.

Why Sell Scrap Gold to Goldealers

The Gold Standard is a scheme which is a joint initiative by several bodies, including the Trading Standards, The British Jewellers Association, and the National Association of Goldsmiths to mention a few. The Gold Standard means that we take every possible precaution to ensure that we are responsibly trading in Scrap Gold.

What happens to my Scrap Gold

Upon purchasing gold jewellery and other gold containing industrial items, typically, Goldealers melt it all together into bars. Once we have a bar, it is sent for assay to an assay office such as Sheffield Assay Office who then verify it’s purity, and stamp it with a unique serial number.

These bars are then either sold on, refined, or re-melted to make new jewellery.