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World Gold Value down $1.12 Trillion Dollars in 1 week

We have just seen gold prices bottom out to scarily low levels in such a short time and the safe haven investment that is gold has proven that it is anything but safe. But what is the actual world gold value? How much has the total value of all above-ground gold actually dropped? How much gold is in the world …

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Gold Prices Fall Sharply

Gold Prices have fallen very sharply this week with the Gold Price market closing at £966.50 per ounce this weekend. The general public, seeing how sharply the gold prices have dropped are rushing to sell their gold to Goldealers Ltd in the belief that that we are at the end of a 12 year bull run. Goldealers runs the numbers …

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9ct Gold Price Per Gram

This short article shows the 9ct Gold Price per gram and how you can calculate the current 9ct Gold Price at any given point in time. 1: Current Bullion Gold Price Per Gram You can use the current Spot Price per ounce for gold, or the latest London Bullion Market association price as found on LBMA. Let us assume that …

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