Sell Gold

GBP per gram We Pay
8ct – 333 £17.55
9ct – 375 £19.77
9ct – 375 (100g+) £19.99
10ct – 416 £21.93
14ct – 583 £30.73
15ct – 625 £32.95
18ct – 750 £39.53
20ct – 833 £43.91
21ct – 875 £46.12
21.6ct – 900 £47.44
22ct – 916 £48.28
23ct – 958 £50.50
24ct – 999 £52.66

Gold prices updated: 23 May

Goldealers are the number 1 place to sell gold in the UK, possibly Europe.

No Fees to Sell Gold Jewellery

Our competitors like to hide refining and processing fees in their terms and conditions. You post your jewellery to them, to find that you are actually getting over £2 or £3 per gram less than their calculators quote.

Unlike our competitors, the Goldealers Gold Calculator calculates the price you will actually receive when you decide to sell your gold.

Fixed Rate when selling gold

Protect yourself against gold price fluctuations when you sell gold to Goldealers.

The Gold Bullion Markets are extremely volatile, where within minutes, the gold price can sink 2.5% or more.

When you post your gold to our competitors, and the gold price has dropped overnight, you will receive a lower price.

If however you decide to sell gold to Goldealers, the rate provided on our online calculator is fixed for 1 working day. This will give you enough time to get to the post office and send your items to us.

Naturally, if you get your quote from us but sell your jewellery to us 5 days later, the price may have to be recalculated.

Sell Gold over the Counter

Most online gold buyers offer a postal only service. At Goldealers, we understand that some of you may not be comfortable to post items of such a high value to a company you don’t know.

That’s why Goldealers offer a service where you can sell gold over the counter when you book an appointment.

Our prices are so competitive, that some customers decide to fly in from as far out as Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain to sell gold to Goldealers.