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Get the best price for Platinum from Goldealers. Use our simple calculator below to get an immediate quote and sell platinum online.

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Sell Platinum Jewellery

It’s really easy to sell platinum jewellery to Goldealers.

Typically, Jewellery Platinum is 95% Pure. You can verify this by taking a look at the hallmark on the jewellery.

This hallmark will typically show as 950, indicating that it contains 950 parts per thousand (95%) of pure Platinum.

Sell Platinum as Industrial Scrap

If your industrial Platinum is in clean metal form, such as a platinum crucible, platinum tongs, platinum thermocouple wire or even just pure platinum wire, Goldealers can determine it’s purity and value within seconds using industry standard assay methods.

In some cases, it may be necessary to melt and assay, or have our fully licenced laboratories chemically treat and assay your platinum in order to determine it’s true purity and hence value.

We would always recommend that you contact us by telephone on 01206 585 000 and seek advice prior to sending industrial platinum to any refiner.

Free Platinum Sample Analysis

Feel free to send in a small sample of your industrial platinum scrap to Goldealers for processing. We will happily ascertain overall platinum content for you in order to give you an accurate estimate of a larger job lot.

It is always a mistake to sell platinum in quantities to a dealer you have no experience with. Send in a small sample and if you are happy with the service, you can then make an informed decision whether to sell the remainder of your platinum.