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Goldealers provides a quick and easy channel to value and sell bullion coins online.

Simply choose the currency you wish to be paid in, then choose the country your bullion coin is from in the table below.

This will give you an instant bullion market value for your coin. Clicking sell now will take you to our precious metals calculator where you can add bullion coins from around the world to your quote.

For example, to get the price for a 1oz South African Krugerrand, simply select “South Africa” from the drop-down box below and this will return a list of South African Bullion Coins with their relative prices.

Bullion Coin Prices

GBP per coin

Market Value We Buy
Sovereign – Five Pounds 2153.45 1981.17
Britannia – 1oz 1831.05 1684.57
Britannia – 1/2oz 915.42 842.19
Sovereign – Two Pounds 861.67 792.74
Britannia – 1/4oz 457.76 421.14
Sovereign – Full 430.63 396.18
Sovereign – Half 215.32 198.09
Britannia – 1/10oz 183.08 168.44
Silver Britannia – 1oz 23.02 16.80
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Bullion Coin Prices & The London Precious Metals Fix

The bullion coin prices quoted are directly related the the latest London Precious Metals fixing. From here, you can see the bullion value, and also the rates which you can sell your bullion coins at.

For your convenience, we have listed the latest London Precious Metals fixes below.

LatestFix Updated
Gold 1831.050 17 Jun 2024
Silver 23.020 17 Jun 2024
Platinum 750.000 17 Jun 2024
Palladium 706.750 17 Jun 2024

Bullion Coin Price Fluctuations

The precious metals markets are extremely volatile. When you decide you wish to post your bullion coins to Goldealers, the price could change by the time we receive your coins.

In order to protect you from these price fluctuations, your quote is held for one working day to give you enough time to get your coins to us.