Sell Dental Gold

Gold Tooth

Goldealers Ltd purchases dental gold from dentists, the public, and even dental laboratories.

Gold has long been used in dentistry, both appearance and also because of it’s inert properties.

Dental gold comes in various alloys and purities. As such, it is impossible to determine it’s purity by a simple acid test. Due to the alloy mixes used, it is also very difficult to test dental gold by a traditional acid test. Furthermore, dental gold standards from different areas of the world do vary in purity.

As a rule of thumb, we would always recommend that you value your dental gold at 14ct, but could vary anywhere between 12ct and 18ct. Naturally, Goldealers will only pay for the actual weight of the gold, not the tooth itself or any resin. If you want to obtain a more accurate weight for your gold tooth, drop it in a small glass of coke for a week or so. The coke will dissolve pretty much everything but the gold alloy.

Valuing Dental Gold

Goldealers Ltd use the latest in XRF technology to determine the purity of dental gold. These methods are both accurate (within 0.05%) and extremely fast. Using this technology, Goldealers Ltd can turn around most dental gold consignments on the day of receipt.

For larger consignments, Goldealers Ltd recommend melting the dental gold prior to testing. This would provide a more accurate assay for your dental gold.

For your Dental Gold refining / recycling needs, please call us on 01206 585 000.