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How to find a gold buyer that you can trust

This is the first, of a video series released by We discuss how to find a reliable gold buyer online, what the risks are and also what to look out for when you are in the process of researching a place to sell your unwanted gold online.

If you are looking to sell your jewellery online, it is a must that you watch this video on choosing a trustworthy gold buyer first. Find out why you shouldn’t sell your jewellery to a company with testimonials on their own website.

The direct link to the video can be found here. How to find a gold buyer you can trust

Find a Gold Buyer you can trust – Video Transcript

There are literally hundreds of gold buyers to choose from when deciding where to sell your unwanted jewellery.

The best deals are found online,  however online, there are also many risks involved.

Some gold buyers offer one price on the website, and another when they receive your jewellery. When you ask for your items back, they impose charges on you.

Some gold buyers hide hidden fees and refining charges within the terms and conditions, which are not made apparent before you send your items to them.

If you look online, make sure you check out reviews left on forums and third party websites. Never pay attention to testimonials on a gold buyers own website as these can be fabricated.

Furthermore, I would recommend that you search complaints about the company because this, more often than not will uncover quite a few skeletons.