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How do Goldealers test and value my jewellery?

The specific item which was tested and valued in this video was a 9ct gold curb chain sent by post at approximately 16:00 on Monday 3rd September 2012. Goldealers Ltd Received the curb chain on Tuesday 4th September 2012. Payment was initiated to the customer at 14:26 on Tuesday the 4th September, and it has been confirmed that payment arrived in the customers bank account for £227.36 before 15:00 on that same day.

Video Transcript – Showing how Goldealers Test and Value Jewellery

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked at Goldealers is how we test and value jewellery.

In order to answer this, I will be showing you first-hand, exactly how we deal with a customer’s jewellery which was posted to us earlier today.

What we have here, is a gold curb chain, which was sent through to us by a customer earlier today. In order to value it, we need to confirm the carat purity, as well as it’s weight.

Most jewelers will use a method of testing, which you may know as the acid test. The acid test will damage your jewellery. It is not very accurate, in that it would be extremely difficult to distinguish between 8ct and 10ct gold jewellery. This could mean that the jeweler undervalues your items.

Goldealers are able to test your items, using a more scientific, more advanced method, than the traditional acid test. This method, involves x-raying your jewellery, to determine it’s exact purity.

Furthermore, this method is non-destructive, so if you ever changed your mind, we would be able to return your jewellery to you, completely undamaged.

As can be seen, our metals analyser is detecting all metals contained within the gold curb chain. We can see, that the chain is in fact 9ct, and that the gold is also alloyed with some silver, zinc, copper and nickel.

Now that we have determined that this chain, is in fact 9ct gold, what we have to do, is determine it’s weight. This is done, by weighing it on extremely accurate, Trading Standards Certificated Scales.

After weighing the items, we can see that the jewellery weighs 18.5g. We are currently paying, £12.29 per gram for 9ct gold. This is based on the London Precious Metals Fix of the 4th September 2012. The customer has 18.5 grams of 9ct gold, bringing the total valuation to £227.36.

The customer has asked us to make payment via bank transfer. We send payments by Faster Payments, so as soon as I have given them a call to confirm the value, I will initiate payment which should be showing in the customer account within 24 hours.

I hope this video has been useful in showing you how we go about valuing your jewellery. If you are interested in a valuation, please feel free to go to our website, contact us by telephone, or even ask a question on Twitter, Facebook or simply by replying to this post.