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Scrap Silver has value too!

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There are hundreds of people offering to purchase your gold from you, but did you know that Silver has quite a high value too. Whilst not as valuable as Gold, you may find that you have quite a few hundreds of pounds of silver just sitting and getting dusty in a cupboard in the house somewhere.

GBP per gram We Pay
Pre 1947 Silver Coins – 500 £0.17
Ag – 500 £0.23
Ag – 800 £0.37
Ag – 835 £0.38
Pre 1920 Silver Coins – 925 £0.39
Ag – 900 £0.41
Pure Ag – 999 £0.42
Sterling Ag – 925 £0.43
Ag – 935 £0.43
Ag – 959 £0.44
Sterling AG – 925 (500g+) £0.53

Silver prices updated: 23 May

So how much is my Silver worth?

The London Silver Fixing can be found by visiting, or . What you want to look for, (if based in the UK) is the price as pence per ounce, or pounds per ounce.

The London Silver fix of Tuesday 25th September is 2096.790 pence per troy ounce.

Let’s convert that to pence per gram for pure silver. There are 31.1035 grams in one troy ounce.

2096.790 / 31.1035 = 67.41 pence per gram for pure (999 Ag)

Now most of you will own Sterling Silver which is 92.5% pure. If we multiply 67.41 by 92.5%, we should get the value per gram for sterling silver.

67.41 * 92.5 / 100 = 62.35 pence per gram

So the market value of Sterling Silver is 62.35 pence per gram on 25th September 2012.

If you owned, 200g of Sterling silver, the market value could be calculated as follows.

62.35 * 200 = 12470 pence, or £124.70

Is it Silver or White Gold?

I have some silver, and I wanted to know if it was worth selling or should I just throw it away? Earlier this week, we received a telephone call from one of our customers. “I have some silver, and I wanted to know if it was worth selling or should I just throw it away?”

Our simple answer is that if you are thinking to throw it away, then yes, you should definitely sell it. Goldealers managed to convince this particular customer to post her silver jewellery off to us instead of throwing it away. Over the phone, we quoted her just over £40. Imagine her delight when we telephoned her to let her know that we had found a 4g white gold ring amongst the silver jewellery.

Instead of receiving payment for £40, we sent her a bank transfer for nearly £90!

Silver items which Goldealers buy

As can be seen by the featured image in this post, Silver is not limited to just jewellery. We are more than happy to purchase from you old coins, jewellery, jewellery boxes, dinner ware, plates, dinner services, tankards and even gold plated silver!

To get an instant valuation, please use our Silver calculator.