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As time goes on, we find that we are purchasing more and more Spanish gold and precious metals from the continent in general. Whether you live in Spain, are a Spanish Expat, or a Spaniard looking to sell your gold, Goldealers can help.

Our European customers benefit from the same high quality service and rates as our customer base in the UK.

Send your Spanish Gold, Silver & Platinum (Oro, Plata y Platino) to the United Kingdom to obtain the best rates for your precious metals.

The precious metals prices are set in London, England and it is these prices that set the basis for the gold prices around the world. With London being the Gold Capital of the world, you can be certain that you will be getting better returns on your jewellery than if you sold it in Spain.

Working with many jewellers and cash for gold shops in and around Spain and Europe, we have come to understand that the industry is run by cartels. These cartels are keeping the buying prices low, which in turn, means that the cash for gold shops are earning fortunes whilst the general public are suffering by receiving poor returns.

Spanish Gold, Silver & Platinum Hallmarks

Hallmarking in Spain is a Legal Requirement but these laws only came into effect as recently as 1985 (src. International Association of Assay Offices).

Spanish Gold Hallmarks

Spanish Gold, Silver & Platinum Hallmarks

This does mean that any Jewellery purchased from Spain which is older than this, will not be hallmarked.

Non-Hallmarked Spanish Gold

Goldealers also purchase non-hallmarked Spanish Gold. Your gold will be tested by X-Ray Flourescence analysis to determine the exact purity. If your gold is tested at 74.5% pure, you will be paid on that purity. Similarly, if your gold is tested at 75.5% pure, that is the rate you will receive.

Payment to Spanish & European Accounts

Payment is always made by Goldealers in GBP.

You can choose either an:

  • International Payment – Usually next working day
  • send a Sterling Payment outside UK – Up to 3-4 working days (possible delays by your bank)

With International Payments, our bank sends Euros at it’s own exchange rate. With Sterling Payment outside the UK, our bank sends GBP and your bank converts to Euros. Goldealers Ltd cannot be held responsible for the exchange rates set by banks.

When sending international payments, Goldealers Ltd are charged a £25 fee by the bank. As such, this cost may be deducted from your total precious metals valuation.

Get your gold, silver & platinum valued today Precious Metals Calculator and compare our valuation with your local dinero por oro! You will be amazed at the difference.

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