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Goldealers Turns Customer Away | Honesty, Integrity & Fairness

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It may sound extremely strange, but Goldealers have received customers into our offices, only to turn them away. This article shows how our Honesty, Integrity and Fairness wins business – not the desire to buy your gold!

Why did Goldealers refuse to purchase a customer’s gold?

A customer telephoned us to let us know that they were looking to sell us an 18ct neclace (not hallmarked).

The chain weighed 26.9g, and the expected value of the chain was £643.18 on 16th November 2012.

The customer arranged an appointment to visit us, but after testing (using industry approved methods), we found that the neclace was not 18ct, but 8ct.

Actual Value: 26.9g of 8ct = £285.86

Initially, the customer was a little apprehensive, and at this point, we advised the customer that we did not wish to purchase their gold.

Honesty, Integrity and Fairness is something that we at Goldealers are proud of. We would never do business with a customer if the customer thought we wanted to short change them. We are proud that our customers trust us. Sure enough, the customer left to seek a second opinion.

Honesty, Integrity and Fairness rules

Later that week that same customer rearranged an appointment with us. After visiting H&T Pawnbrokers and receiving a far lower quotation and valuation, (for some reason, H&T were apparently not even able to identify the purity as 8ct), the customer was satisfied that this particular chain was not 18ct, but much lower.

The customer did sell the chain to us and walked away happy and content at the fact that they knew that they received an honest, fair and competitive value for their gold.

If you have an item of jewellery which you are not certain about the carat purity or the weight, we welcome you to send it in to us for an honest, accurate and fair valuation. We will appraise your gold, and let you know it’s value. If the value is significantly different from what you were expecting, we are more than happy to return it to you.

Our Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and your Customer Satisfaction are more important to us than buying your gold.

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