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Christmas – Will Gold Pay for your Christmas?

As we come into the most expensive season of all, the smarter shoppers will be lightening the load and even paying without taking on debt. This is how.

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Ah December. ‘Tis the season to spend a small fortune on food, presents, decorations and booze. In fact, for many Brit’s it’s as least as much of a financial headache as a magical family day.

According to charity Family Action, and reported by the BBC, “Most UK families will spend between £530 and £682 on gifts, decorations, food and drink.” BBC Article →

Are you overlooking a secret weapon in your budgeting armoury? Gold. According to Direct Line, the average Brit has £1,800 worth of jewellery stashed away in their homes. Direct Line Article →

How much gold do I have to sell to get £1,800?

  • 150g of 9ct gold or
  • 110g of 9ct gold + 2 Sovereign coins or
  • 75g 18ct Gold

Prices correct as at 4 December 2012

Let’s assume that you wish to splash out and spend £800 on Christmas. I bet an iPad Mini is on quite a few Christmas List’s this year… well if you sell all your gold, you will have £1,000 left over.

Why cash in all your gold now? chances are that the £1,000 left over won’t be going into a savings account and slowly over the coming months, will probably be eaten away. Fortunately, gold is that bit harder to spend than cash!

Goldealers recommend that you only cash in as much jewellery as you need at any one time. This works out pretty well with many of our customers who use our services whenever they may need a cash injection (sometimes 6 or more times per year).

How much gold do I have to sell to get £800?

  • 66g of 9ct gold or
  • 45g of 9ct gold + 1 Sovereign coin or
  • 33g 18ct Gold

Prices correct as at 4 December 2012

Perfect, you can now spend £800 for Christmas, not have to worry about using the Credit Card and have some jewellery left over for emergencies.

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