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British Gold Refinery & Misleading Prices Again

The Advertising Standards Authority have once again received complaints about Weston Knightly Ltd t/a British Gold Refinery (

The issue was that two complainants challenged whether the Gold calculator was misleading, because the sum offered to them was less than had been estimated by the Gold calculator. – Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

The Gold Calculator allows customers to enter the carat and weight of their precious metals to be given a price. This price is what the British Gold Refinery Deems as the Market Value of the metals, but does not reflect the actual price that they would offer.

Part of The British Gold Refinery’s response included the fact that they claimed:

their website did not state or imply that the price displayed on the Gold calculator was the price that would be offered to the customer. – British Gold Refinery

The final ruling was that the ad must not appear again in its current form. The ASA ruled that the British Gold Refinery should not claim or imply that that the price offered for gold correlated with the price given by the Gold calculator if that was not the case.

The British Gold Refinery have also been subject to an investigation by BBC Rip Off Britain and also another ASA Adjudication where the British Gold Refinery were ruled against for making claims about their prices which could not be substantiated.