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Beware Fake eBay Silver from China

Fake Silver from China on eBay

Just a quick warning to those of you scouting eBay for your latest deals on silver jewellery.

You will find many eBay sellers from China / Hong Kong advertising “Solid Silver Jewellery” or “925 Silver Jewelry”. Please be warned that nearly none of these items contain any silver. In fact, you will be lucky to receive a silver plated item of jewellery from one of these eBay listings.
More “Lead” than “Silver” in Chinese Solid Silver sold on eBay – Goldealers Ltd

After analysis, most items are an alloy of copper and zinc, however some items contain worryingly high levels of Lead.

If you are looking to purchase some cheap costume jewellery, then please think again. Goldealers Ltd have found that after analysis, Lead levels in these Chinese eBay items sometimes exceed 10%.

The safe levels of lead in children’s toys and jewellery according to US Legislation is 0.06%

You have been warned.

Fake Silver eBay Listing

Fake Silver eBay listings