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Compare Gold Prices

You may have arrived at this post, expecting to see a gold price comparison tool which allows you to compare gold prices amongst five or ten different gold buyers. Well sorry, this is exactly what I am not going to do.

This post has been written to show you that every single gold price comparison site which I have come across since 2007 is completely flawed and most certainly does not help you get the best price for your gold.

What’s more, on your hunt for the best price for your unwanted gold, you will find plenty of gold buyers with a price comparison table comparing it’s prices against what in their mind are the top paying gold buyers in the country.

Gold Price Comparison Sites

Websites which offer a comparison are essentially lead generators. Lead generators, are firms which find potential customers, and then sell-on the referral.

For car insurance, this works quite well, because the insurance company will gain retained business from any new customers, and also, each insurance company has a slightly different speciality. For example, one insurance company may offer a more competitive quote to a young driver than another.

Unfortunately, things don’t work so well when you try to compare gold prices. We have found the following issues with the online comparisons of various gold buyers…

  • Are the prices quoted, actually paid?
  • Does the price comparison include any fees or charges
  • Does the gold buyer offer an instant valuation?
  • Do you need to post your gold before receiving a quote
  • How quickly can you get paid?
  • Does the gold buyer offer a postal service?
  • What happens if you change your mind? Do you have to pay to get your items back?
  • How secure is your personal data?
  • Does the gold buyer have independent positive reviews

Each of these items are unique to each gold buying business, and it is almost impossible for a genuine gold price comparison site to clearly illustrate the differences.

What’s more, I mentioned before about compare gold price sites being lead generators. Well have you considered that the only gold buyers who are on these sites are the gold buyers spending hundreds and thousands of pounds in generating leads?

We put it to you that gold price comparison websites only compare the lowest paying gold buyers. They do this for one simple reason… only the lowest paying gold buyers can pay £5 – £10 or more per lead.

Goldealers would prefer to ensure that you get the best possible price for your gold. As such, we refuse to pay a gold price comparison site for leads, meaning that you benefit from better prices for your gold.

Gold Buyers Compare Gold Prices

Have you noticed that most online gold buyers have a compare gold price table on their sites? The reason that they do this, is that each gold buyer is essentially attempting to make you think that they are the highest paying gold buyer in the country.

Compare Gold Prices - Tesco Missing some Top Gold Buyers

Tesco Compare Gold Prices Table Missing Top Gold Buyers

A typical example being the price comparison by TescoGoldExchange who quite clearly implying that they pay £10.00 per gram for 9ct gold, and the next highest paying gold buyer pays only £8.50 per gram. I wonder why they didn’t include any of the following recognised and trusted top paying gold buyers in their comparison tables?


There are many other trusted gold buyers in the UK, however these particular gold buyers listed above have had a solid reputation of paying amongst the best rates, have independent feedback and recommendations and are amongst the most trusted in the industry.

Compare Gold Prices Conclusion

Take Gold Price Comparison Sites and price comparison tables with a pinch of salt.

Do your own research, and pick a gold buyer who works the best for you. Look for companies offering a postal or counter service, look for independent reviews, look for payment methods and also look at the rate that each of the gold buyers actually pay.