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Sell silver tableware – Where and how to sell

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Goldealers Ltd are proud to have worked with representatives of Colchester Garrison to provide valuations for their old Silver Tableware

Goldealers Ltd are leading buyers of Silver in the UK and we will show you where and how to sell silver tableware.

Silver tableware typically has a lot of weight. Whilst Goldealers Ltd quote a price per gram for silver tableware, we also pay a higher rate for larger consignments.

Testing silver tableware

Steel in Silver cutlery

As an initial check, a strong magnet is run over all silver cutlery. This is done to find any steel bars which are used to hold the silver knife blade to the hollow silver handle.

Sorting ElectroPlate Tableware

Many items thought to be sterling silver actually turn out to be Electroplated silver. Initially, goldealers look for hallmarks and stampings, however if one cannot be found, the item would need to be destructively tested by filing a section of the silver tableware to get past any possible plating. X-Ray analysis typically will not be able to detect through the thick electro plated silver.

Unfortunately, Goldealers Ltd are not able to purchase plated silver, as the cost of recovery far outweighs the value of the silver content.

Shellac in Silver cutlery

Once it has been established that items are in-fact silver and a grade has been determined, any cutlery handles will need to be checked for Shellac.

Shellac is a resin which is secreted by the female lac bug (beetle) on trees in India and Thailand.

Shellac is quite often used by Silversmiths to fill the hollow handles of silver cutlery.

When valuing your silver tableware, Goldealers Ltd will need to check for and remove any Shellac or resin from your cutlery. This is done by punching a hole into the handle, and heating it gently to heat up the resin. The resin typically foams or pours out.

Valuing silver tableware

Once it has been established that your silver tableware is clean metal, there are typically two options.

The Silver tableware can be sent to Sheffield Assay Office to be melted – the assay office will then return an Assayed Bar with it’s purity. This process can take up to 1 week, and costs are involved. Goldealers Ltd would recommend this method for any silver sales over 1kg.

Alternatively, Goldealers Ltd are more than happy to purchase your silver tableware live, based on the LBMA silver fixing on the day.

Please Contact Goldealers Ltd by email info [at] or 01206 585 000 and we can assist with providing you with an accurate and up-to-date valuation for your silver tableware.