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The Gold Standard BBC Essex Radio Feature

The Gold Standard

Tune in to BBC Essex Radio on Monday 28th October 2013 Tuesday 29th October at 7:40am where Ray Clark will be talking about the purchasing and sale of stolen asian jewellery during his breakfast show. Goldealers Ltd are proud to have been invited to talk about the cash for gold industry and what jewellers can do to avoid purchasing stolen …

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Sell silver tableware – Where and how to sell

2012 09 24 13.01.48 HDR

Goldealers Ltd are leading buyers of Silver in the UK and we will show you where and how to sell silver tableware. Silver tableware typically has a lot of weight. Whilst Goldealers Ltd quote a price per gram for silver tableware, we also pay a higher rate for larger consignments. Testing silver tableware Steel in Silver cutlery As an initial …

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Thai Baht Gold – Sell Thai Gold Jewellery to Goldealers Ltd

Thai Baht Gold

Thai Baht Gold jewellery is famous around the world for it’s extremely high 23ct purity (95.8%). A Baht is a unit of measurement in Thailand, whereby 1 Baht is equivalent to 15.244g as bullion or 15.16g when sold as jewellery. Every gold dealer / gold shop in Thailand uses the gold price as set by the Thai Gold Traders Association. …

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How do refiners assay precious metal scrap

XRF Analysis on a piece of jewellery

Refiners typically assay precious metal scrap by means of x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. This entails melting the precious metal scrap in a furnace and taking a 2-3g sample via vacuum pin tube. Following this, x-ray technology is used to determine the composition of the sample at the atomic level. Whilst not as accurate as fire-assay, XRF technology can obtain accuracies of …

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World Gold Value down $1.12 Trillion Dollars in 1 week

We have just seen gold prices bottom out to scarily low levels in such a short time and the safe haven investment that is gold has proven that it is anything but safe. But what is the actual world gold value? How much has the total value of all above-ground gold actually dropped? How much gold is in the world …

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