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Fire Sale – 21st November 2012

5Pounds Brilliant Uncirculated Boxed

Weight (grams): 39.94 Pure gold content (grams): 36.61300 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: 36mm diameter x 3mm thickness

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Goldealers Turns Customer Away | Honesty, Integrity & Fairness

8ct Gold On Scales

It may sound extremely strange, but Goldealers have received customers into our offices, only to turn them away. This article shows how our Honesty, Integrity and Fairness wins business – not the desire to buy your gold! Why did Goldealers refuse to purchase a customer’s gold? A customer telephoned us to let us know that they were looking to sell …

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Counterfeit Jewellery Hallmarks

Fake Hallmarks on Counterfeit Jewellery

The Birmingham Assay Office welcomed the BBC’s Watchdog Television Crew and a trading standards officer to test items of counterfeit (fake) jewellery that had been seized without hallmarks. The goods were brought to the Birmingham assay office to be tested. Of a total of 90 items, only four were found to have hallmarks, and 14 items were stamped 22ct gold …

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BJA Gold Standard Accreditation

Goldealers LTD is a Gold Standard Registered Retailer

Goldealers Ltd are one of the very first 10 gold buyers in the UK to sign up to the gold standard code of conduct. This article discusses why the gold standard is so important, how it protects you and why you should not sell your gold to any company who do not adhere to this code of practice. What is …

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Clacton Gold Buyers | Cash for Gold

Clacton Gold Buyers watch out!!! Goldealers Ltd are just around the corner, and we are receiving more and more business from the Clacton area. 4 reasons to drive from Clacton to Colchester It is unlikely you will find a better price in Essex for your gold Counter service available We’re just 20 minutes away We adhere to the Gold Standard …

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