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Compare Gold Prices

You may have arrived at this post, expecting to see a gold price comparison tool which allows you to compare gold prices amongst five or ten different gold buyers. Well sorry, this is exactly what I am not going to do. This post has been written to show you that every single gold price comparison site which I have come …

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Carat Price Per Gram Scam

Naturally, you may think that the gold buyer offering the highest carat price per gram will pay you more. More often than not, customers who send their gold to gold buyers are mistaken, unaware, or uncertain about the weight and carat of their jewellery. With hundreds of online gold buyers to choose from, you will find one thing in common …

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Treat your Gold like Foreign Currency

Imagine you are going on holiday and are looking to purchase some foreign currency such as Euros. You have £100 to exchange and at the spot price of 1.2 Euros per pound, you would expect the cashier to give you back around €120. But if the cashier gave you back €60, how would you feel? Think of this simple foreign …

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Jewellers Guide to Valuing Scrap Gold Jewellery

A short guide to jewellery identification, weighing and valuation of scrap gold jewellery. Introduction This document is intended for the jeweller / pawnbroker / scrap gold buyer, however the general public can and should read this if they are thinking of selling their scrap gold jewellery. It talks about the market value of gold, and how to translate that into …

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Free Gold Packs Uncovered

Goldealers were recently facing a dilemma about whether we should send out free gold packs to our customers. After consideration and research, we decided that sending out Free Gold Packs was completely against everything we stood for. This short story aims to show you why you should never request a free gold pack from any company. Our fictitious customer James …

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